PFD-A Specialized Vest


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The PFD-A vest has been designed for lying in a supine position, providing horizontal support. The device is very flexible and is suitable for individuals with cerebral palsy: the water supports the body while the vest stabilizes it. It is also perfectly suited for asymmetrical body conditions such as scoliosis and hemiplegia. It compensates for pressure on one side, like the fetal position. It is safe and secure in cases of loss of consciousness or sudden, jerky movements.

Best float for Cerebral Palsy

*Users who prefer a vertical position but suffer from large myoclonus jerks should use the LJ-V model (ER-16902).

  • Relieves neck tension.
  • Keeps the user's face out of the water.
  • Protects against water entering the eyes.
  • Resists lateral contortions and back-and-forth movements.
  • Very stable even in the fetal position.
  • Optimal ergonomic position for a horizontal posture.
  • Quickly returns to a back position.
  • Patented features help keep the face out of the water.
  • Allows the user to float independently, freeing the therapist's hands for care.
  • The system holds the diaper in place and helps keep the ears out of the water.
  • Latex-free.

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