LJ-V Specialized Vest


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Its ergonomic configuration provides great comfort. This is a high-support float in a vertical position.

The Lj-V model was designed to maintain the vertical position supported foolproof for customers suffering from movement disorders. This flotation aid constantly keeps the mouth away from water and maintains the body in the vertical position despite a fetus position, an undeveloped lower body, or sudden movements with large contortions... This is the principle of stability of a collar float, used here to its full capacity.

Best float for movement disorders.

  • High performance for a minimum thickness of floats.
  • Neckline collar with a 10 cm high, keeping the head straight helps to stabilize the position of the person.
  • Soft chin protector band retained by Velcro eliminates splashing water.
  • Comfortable nacelle allowing adjustment of the distance between the collar and the shoulders or jaws.
  • Four harnesses for tilt adjustment to maintain verticality.
  • Thoracics ensure an effective return to the vertical position: the face has no contact with the water.
  • Strap catch easily accessible.
  • Keeps the user's face out of the water.
  • Freedom of movement allows movement on water.
  • Nacelle harness distributes tension adjustment with multiple settings; INCLUDED.
  • Stability on the water.
  • Vertical position.
  • Acquisition of autonomy by the user.
  • Allows the user to float without assistance: therapists have free hands to provide care.
  • Therapist hands-free! Allows the user to float without assistance: therapists have free hands to provide care.
  • No latex.

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