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Swim Snorkel - Youth

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The Finis Swimmer’s Snorkel boasts a front-mounted design so swimmers can focus on body balance, head position and stroke technique, no matter the speed or stroke: butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle or even flip turns. The Finis Swimmer’s Snorkel eliminates the breathing cycle rotation with a one-way purge valve that allows water to flow out of the tube without entering the mouthpiece. Its hydrodynamic design increases aerobic capacity and the snorkel tube curves around the head to reduce drag and encourage proper body position. The adjustable head bracket quickly fits any face, while the soft, flexible, medical-grade silicone mouthpiece is comforatable and secure. The Finis Swimmer’s Snorkel can be worn with any standard goggles and can be used with the Cardio Swm Cap to increase cardiovascular conditioning and lung workout load by 40%.

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