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The most versatile drag sock resistance system ever created!, SB Drag Socks that do so much more than normal Sox, Use as Socks/Sox on your Feet or Calves (keep feet high or use for pull sets), On Arms/Forearms – swim with open hand or fist to improve catch and recovery, On Waist as Skirt – use included belt to add 1 or both SB Bags around waist to drive the hips up, As Parachute – use the provided belts to drag as a parachute, Over Kickboard – slide over a kickboard to drag over your feet or add drag in front, Drag that is more than just socks. Use SB sox to add nearly every type of resistance you could need!

- The most versatile drag sock resistance system ever created
- SB resistance socks that do much more than normal Sox socks

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