Complete Conditionning For Swimming||Complete Conditionning For Swimming

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Complete Conditionning For Swimming


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From more powerful strokes to quicker turns, propel yourself to improved times with Complete Conditioning for Swimming.

This multidimensional training program uses fitness assessments to tailor strength, endurance, and flexibility exercises to each swimmer’s individual needs.

Dave Salo, coach of Olympic medalists Lenny Krayzelburg, Aaron Peirsol, Amanda Beard, Jason Lezak, Rebecca Soni, Jessica Hardy, Ous Mellouli, Vladimir Morozov, Larsen Jensen, Gabe Woodward, Staciana Stitts, Colleen Lanne, Ricky Berens, Eric Shanteau, and Haley Anderson, and Scott Riewald, performance specialist for the U.S. Olympic Committee, have teamed up to create a comprehensive program that provides you with the following tools to improve your times:

  • Exercises and drills for each stroke
  • Event-based workouts and programs
  • Dryland training
  • Tapering for peak performance
  • Year-round conditioning plans
  • Nutrition before, during, and after swim meets

In addition, the 80-minute DVD takes you to the pool and into the gym to demonstrate the drills and exercises used by the sport’s elite. Complete Conditioning for Swimming is simply the best guide to preparing your body for competitive success.


Chapter 1. Testing for Swimming Fitness
Chapter 2. Warming Up and Cooling Down
Chapter 3. Tailoring Training for Specific Strokes and Events
Chapter 4. Building Endurance
Chapter 5. Training for Core Stability
Chapter 6. Developing Explosive Power
Chapter 7. Enhancing Flexibility for Better Strokes
Chapter 8. Preventing, Coping With, and Returning From Injury
Chapter 9. Nutrition and Hydration for Swimmers
Chapter 10. Creating a Strength and Conditioning Program
Chapter 11. Year-Round Sample Programs

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