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Colour Yellow

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The Long Belt Slider is StrechCordz' best-selling product for in-water swim resistance training. Designed for swim-out/pull-back resistance, it is ideal for improving strength, endurance, and technique, as well as promoting faster acceleration, stronger catch and pull phases of each stroke, and ultimately, improved times. An embedded safety cord (20 feet) running the full length of the tubing acts as a limiter to help prevent over-stretching. The level of resistance is measured in pounds/kilograms of pull, when stretched between one and three times its original length.

Resistance Chart

Colour Resistance
Silver 3-8 lb
Yellow 5-14 lb
Green 8-24 lb
Red 12-31 lbV

- Resistance during stationary swimming
- Helps increase tensile strength and endurance
- Integrated safety cable (6m)

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