Tuba De Natation Freestyle||Freestyle Swim Snorkel
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Freestyle Swim Snorkel

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The Finis Freestyle Snorkel boasts a front-mounted design that allows the swimmer to focus on body balance, head position and stroke technique, regardless of the speed, even during flip turns. This snorkel completely eliminates the breathing cycle rotation, reducing back, neck, and shoulder strain, and it's hydrodynamic design increases aerobic capacity. The tube of the Finis Freestyle Snorkel curves around the head to reduce drag and ensure proper freestyle head position. With an adjustable head bracket, the snorkel has a quick strap adjustment and a universal fit. The soft, flexible medical-grade silicone mouthpiece provides comfort and safety. The Finis Freestyle Snorkel can be worn with any standard goggles. Designed to fit on top of the snorkel, the Cardio cap can be added to increase conditioning and workload by 40%.

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