Micro Planche - Ace||Micro Kickboard - Ace

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Micro Kickboard - Ace

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The Ace mini kickboard might be flashy, but it’s no poser. It’s the real deal. It’s what others aspire to be. Tough. Hardworking. Unafraid. And, of course, naturally cool…which gets it some attention, obviously.

The All Tides mini kickboard has proven its worth as a training tool. Loved by swimmers for its compact size and buoyancy, it does everything kickboards are supposed to do, and better. Plus, it fits in your swim bag.


  • Extra thickness increases buoyancy
  • Compact size encourages more natural body positioning, less shoulder stress
  • May be held with one hand for side kick and flip turns
  • EVA Foam
  • 26 x 37 x 4 cm (10 x 15 x 1.6 in)

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