Lunettes De Natation Fs3 Elite Miroir||Fs3 Elite Mirror Swim Goggle


Fs3 Elite Mirror Swim Goggle

SKU: TR-44946-KK

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The FINA-approved Speedo Fastskin3 Elite with its wide, anti-fog lenses offering UV protection and panoramic visibility, is an excellent goggle for the seriously competitive swimmer. The mirrored anti-glare, low-profile lenses slice through the water, while the one-piece IQ Fit head strap eliminates dangling ends, creating a completely hydrodynamic facial profile. Some of the groundbreaking features of this revolutionary goggle include an easily adjustable head strap—using the tensioning scale, you will be able to set your preferred tension quickly—and the first true 3D goggle seal, which follows the contours of real faces providing an accurate, comfortable fit, improved leak resistance, and eliminating the need for high strap tension. Developed as part of the world's first racing system, wherein cap, goggles and suit are engineered to work in perfect harmony, the Fastskin3 Elite Mirrored Goggle comes with three interchangeable nose bridges to achieve a perfect fit. A Fit Point Marker on the centre of the nose bridge can be used to align the goggles with the Fastskin cap.

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